We Won Business of the Year!

We Won Business of the Year!

Last week Art of Smart Education won ‘Best in Education’ and out of 13,000 businesses in the Hornsby Shire, we also won ‘Business of the Year’.

As I walked up to the stage with our team, I was incredibly humbled and speechless.

Art of Smart opened our campus in Hornsby officially in June 2017, and the last 12 months has been an incredible journey.

A journey filled with so many learnings, mistakes and long hours for myself and our team as we’ve helped students more effectively answer the big question of ‘What am I going to do with my life when I finish school and how do I get there?”

It’s easy to lose sight of the progress when you’re in the thick of it and have big goals that are still so far away with lots of work yet to be done.

Reflecting over the last 12 months we’ve come so far and winning the awards last week was a wonderful reminder of this and a testament to our incredible team and all their hard work.

A huge thank you to our incredible Art of Smart team and our students! These awards are a testament to all your brilliance and support!

And a big thank-you to my wife Parnel and my family and friends for their incredible support, love and patience. I couldn’t do what I do with you!

Written by
Rowan Kunz
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